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Meet MAC….

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The new “Dream Jeans by MAC” are not only super comfortable and fashionable but also shape a very flattering silhouette. Due to their high stretch proportion and a new innovative elastic recovery, this model feels like a second skin and fits its wearer two sizes smaller without restraining. An additional particularity: For this model, MAC developed specially designed inside pockets, which shape the stomach area gently and create a visible slimming effect. With side seams that have been slightly moved forward, this effect is even supported and makes Dream Jeans by MAC an absolute must-have.


smallMAC_SS14_Kampagne_women_5 Perfect fit, above average quality, a great price-quality ratio and a high fashion degree – these are values MAC has been epitomizing for nearly 40 years. With this philosophy, MAC has continuously gained a foothold within the European clothing industry.
MAC produces trousers in perfect fit and first-class quality and managed to establish itself as a reliable partner. Not short-term profit, but long-term customer satisfaction is the company’s main goal. The customers’ needs and their satisfaction are clearly in the center of attention. 
Today over 5 mio pairs of trousers are sold across Europe.

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