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The Art of Arista….

   Here are the latest fall fashions from Arista, a line created in 1990 in Vancouver by Sharie Loychuk and produced mainly in Canada.  Modern, fitted, high performance fabrics that can take you from country to city.    The Fab Girls love to get cozy after a long busy summer and of course they love to accent their Arista with scarves and jewellery.  


Tamara in a fitted coat that will withstand the westcoast weather.  Hooded and water resistant with unique double zip opening in back for your active lifestyle.

_MA28020 copyasmall

Tamara again even cozier in this tailored, fitted down coat by Arista.  Removable inner zip strip and hood.

_MA28034 copyasmall

Jane has chosen a piece that will take her from country to city in this black Arista jacket with bronze accent.  Pairs well with her veleteen pants by MAC.

_MA28024 copyacrsmall

Tamara and Catherine snuggle up in Arista vests and shirts and the comfort of Second Yoga Jeans.

_MA28096 copyasmall