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The First Coats of Fall…

As the weather cools we look to our closets for cozy coats. Fabrications has a wide selection of coats in various weights to suit your need. Featured here are Parkhurst’s light wool blend and Sandwich vegan friendly suede with faux fur lining, beautiful boucles and warm puffs.

Janine in a navy and white Parkhurst wool blend coat

small_MA27239 copyp

Catherine in a red and black Parkhurst wool blend coat.


Jane in a vegan friendly Sandwich coat.

small_MA27156 copyp

Catherine in a Sandwich boucle coat.

small_MA27127 copyp

Janine in a Sandwich boucle coat.

small_MA27167 copyp

Tamara in a Sandwich puff coat.

small_MA27147 copyp