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The Out Takes….

We always give you the best photos of the Fab Girls. Well the heat is getting to us so here is a small collection of out takes from the last 8 months to show you what we get up to behind the camara. Enjoy.

small_MA29780 copyfun

small_MA20518 copya

Group Photo 2

small_MA29788 copyWRAP

smallMA2_5873 copyfun

small_MA29400 copyfun - Copy


smallMAR_2716 copyfun

smallMAR_2719 copygo

smallMA2_5863 copyfun

small_MA29858 copyfun

smallMA2_8706 copyf copy


smallMA2_8655 copyf

smallMAR_2701 copypesky

smallMAR_2696 copya