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What about “White Stuff”….


New to Fabrications.  White Stuff from the United Kingdom.

_MA20099 copyasmall


“White Stuff from the U.K. is a men’s and women’s brand that is sometimes slightly quirky, sometimes slightly eccentric but always stylish in its own way.  White Stuff will always make sure you are on trend but will firstly always listen to its customers and its needs.  They stand for creative inspiration, innovation and passionate effort.  Overall, White Stuff is all about giving customers the confidence to express their personalities whatever their lifestyle and life stage.”


_MA20097 copypsmall

Catherine in the embroidery accented 3/4 sleeve Spruce Sweater.

_MA20107 copypsmall

Tamara in the reversable striped and dotted Florence Jacket.

_MA20109 copypsmall

Catherine in the soft and bright Holly Hock Shirt.

_MA20130 copypsmall

Tamara in the multi-purple shaded Morning Mist Tunic.